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When I first made hoops at home, I only made a couple just to get started. So I had more than 50 feet of tubing  just chilling in my apartment. I slowly started making more, and one day I decided that I wanted to make some mini hoops. I made 2 22″s because my birthday is 2/22 and I thought it was clever.

Typically minis are actually smaller than 22″, but I have unusually long arms so my thought was I’d be able to make it work anyway. I could still be right, but they are pretty big for minis and other hoopers (and non-hoopers) are quick to point it out haha.

For a while the two hoops just sat by the wall and looked like they were apart of my hoop collection, but I never used them. Soon I started using just one and practicing flow. It actually helped a lot because I could focus more on off body tricks and better yet, practice hooping with my left hand. I’m still incredibly stupid with my left hand, but there will be a day when I’m not and maybe “ambidextrous” will be a part of my vocabulary!

When I go back to using one big hoop, I appreciate being able to slow it down and flow better because I’ve been practicing quick movements with the small hoop. Then when I pick up the speed I feel like I’m really getting somewhere! Progress progress 😀

Anyway, here is a quick video of me using doubles 🙂 I’ll be working on more and will share some photos in another post!

Song: Problem – Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

Blais is ‘Blaze’-ing It Up!

I graduated last weekend and one of my graduation gifts from my boyfriend, Nick, was an LED hoop! He ordered it from moodhoops.com They have some awesome hoops to choose from so you should check them out if you’re interested in getting one 🙂

The hoop Nick got is one I’ve been eyeing for a while, mainly because the name of the hoop is Blaze!

Here are some photos from the first time I had the opportunity to use it 🙂

20140503_203423 20140503_203553 20140503_203622 20140503_203725 2014050395203646


I’m currently working on a routine with it so hopefully I’ll have a full video soon!

Something I’ve noticed with this hoop is more people want to try it. But this hoop is obviously more pricey than the hoops I’ve been using, which I made out of insulation tubing from a home improvement store. However to more people than I’m happy to admit, hoops are just toys and therefore are not respected.

If you’re a hooper and have experienced someone asking to try your hoop, please share your story!

Happy Hooping! <3