Hula Hooping and I – The Beginning

The first time I saw actual ‘hoopers’ was at the Identity Festival in Tampa, Florida a couple years ago. Without going into much detail about the experience of the festival itself (It was life changing, by the way), I was mesmerized by the way girls were not only expressing themselves with a hula hoop and each had their own style, but they were flowing with their hoop. I guess that’s why they call hoopers and poi spinners flow artists.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I began to feel this desire to just start hula hooping. I had watched countless YouTube videos, drooled over hoopers at clubs on the weekends, and annoyed my friends and boyfriend when I would say ‘I want to start hooping!’ but never actually started.

Finally, a friend of mine let me borrow a ¾” 36” diameter 100 psi hoop she had made her freshman year of college. Sara, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough and I truly apologize for hooping the hell out of your hoop. I’ll definitely be making you a new one <3

This hoop in addition to a ½” 32” diameter trick hoop from one of my boyfriend’s friends have allowed me to explore the pros and cons to a bigger, heavier hoop versus a smaller, lighter hoop.

I officially started my hoop journey on March 4, 2014 which obviously, is not too long ago. However, I can honestly say that in the short (almost) month of hooping, I feel more confident, happiness, drive, passion, and pure enjoyment in my life.

Why start a blog?

The short answer is: It’s for a class. I didn’t have to actually start one, I just really wanted to.

The long answer: I am a Mass Communications major who is very much anticipating graduation in May. One of my last classes in school is an elective I took last minute called Entrepreneurial Blogging.  It is taught by one of my favorite teachers and I can only hope that I continue to stay in touch with her once I graduate, although I have a good feeling that I will.

The point of the class is to learn the variety of ways people have been or can be successful with blogs. The class is summed up by a blog proposal that we all present to the class. We’ve had numerous guest speakers and a variety of readings to help us learn how to make our proposed blogs successful.

When thinking of a blog idea, I really struggled at first. Until I realized that there was something I wanted to start in my personal life and that I could use a blog as a way to track my progression and possibly start a community in the city. Initially when I told a few fellow classmates about my blog, they were like “Really? Hula hooping?”, but as I explained what I wanted to do, a lot of people were really encouraging and supportive.

And thus, Blais’nHoops was created!

Who knows where it’ll take me, but I have a good feeling about it! 🙂

Happy Hooping!

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