Hoopy Easter, Grandma!

When I started hooping, whenever I would be on the phone with family catching up I would tell them about it. My grandma was really excited and one day she talked about how she had seen a woman selling weighted hoops at a Women’s Show she had gone to recently. I told her I’d make her a hoop and finally, today I was able to give it to her! Happy Easter, Grandma!

The first time Grandma Blais placed the hoop on the small of her back and tossed it around her waist, it dropped down to the ground in no time. Not accepting defeat that easily, she tried again and this time it lasted a little longer and she had more control. The more she tried, the better she did. Progression for the win!


I made her a 36” hoop out of ¾” tubing. I used this super cool Paris themed tape as the primary tape


and then teal and purple tape just to add some more color. (Shout out to Nick’s sister, Stef, for providing the colored tape!)


Unfortunately it was just duct tape which I discovered to be difficult to wrap because of how thick it is, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first time taping with duct tape! Some things I learned about hoop making with duct tape:

  • The more tape, the more weight. Common sense should have kicked in but I didn’t realize how much heavier the hoop got after I had taped it. It worked out great for me because I was worried the hoop would be too light for my grandma as a beginner, but the weight of the tape helped.
  • Think ahead. If you want to do colored breaks, section off the primary tape wherever you plan to use another color. Other wise you waste quiet a bit of tape (like I unfortunately did.)
  • Duct tape, in my opinion, grips better than the electrical tape I’ve been using. But it’s also a bit more painful because it’s not smooth. Maybe that’s my fault for not taping it properly, and that’s most likely the case, but it’s just something I noticed.

I hope my grandma gets a little happiness from hooping and I help she achieves all that she wants to by starting!

Happy Hooping and Happy Easter


Hoopy Easter!


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