Hooping Can Hurt – But That Doesn’t Stop Me!

You show your hoop all the love in the world, by exploring what it can do, connecting with it, and just flowing together. Only to finish a hoop session and discover an assortment of new bruises in places you’ve probably never gotten a bruise before.

 At first it may seem like a joking matter, but from my whooping month of experience, I can tell you that listening to your body is really important. Believe me, I know the mere thought of taking even just ONE day off from hooping sounds terrible. But if you are really in pain, save yourself from further injuries that may result in even more time off. Or, like Nick had suggested to me, if one part of you is hurting from doing a trick or set of moves, practice something totally different.

 Where I bruise the most:

My hands.The backs of my hands have endured the most amount of trauma, and you can tell which hand I hoop with more based on the fact that the bruise covers half of my hand. There were a few days where I had a bag of frozen peas taped around my hand, and I’d alternate. It’s gotten much better and no more hand bruises, for now!

Other bruises/injuries that stand out:

The side of my legs from leg hooping. It got so bad that people commented in my classes, they all just kind of sighed and laughed a little when I told them I got the bruises from hooping. #nojudgment

Also, there was a day where I tried hooping around my neck down to my shoulders/chest, and there was a red ring around my neck for a good hour. AND I was getting ready to go to class. So I went to class with this red mark that made me look like I had just been strangled. Fortunately, I was just hooping.

One day I was hooping for a couple hours and I can’t remember what trick I was doing but whatever I did caused me to throw my back out. I was stuck in bed for the rest of the day and night. I did some yoga stretches which helped but my back has been getting a work out on it’s own, at first I think my back was mad at me but now I think it’s happy that I’m doing something I love!

I’ve heard people say if you’re getting bruises, then your form is wrong or you’re doing something wrong. But I disagree with that to a certain extent because when you first start out in anything physical, you are using parts of your body and putting pressure on skin that your body is not used to. When you start in volleyball, you get bruises on the inside of your arms. When you do a lot of pull ups, you get blisters. When you run track or cross country you get shin splints. But we don’t care. We don’t care because we love the sport, we love the exercise, we love the movement.

Hooping is no different. I know that for me the only bad side to getting any kind of injury from hooping is that I have to stop.

Passion >>>

Finally, I’d like to admit that sometimes I like seeing the bruises. It shows that I’ve been practicing and pushing myself further. I still take care of them and take care of my body as best I can, but it’s kind of cool to see what happens when you hoop too hard!

Happy Hooping!

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